How to care for your Roses


Our Roses may last a year or more if cared for properly. Please follow the following simple steps to ensure your roses stay beautiful for a long time. 

Please note, placing darker colour roses next to the lighter ones (specially White) may cause the darker colours to bleed into the lighter ones, this is the case with even with fresh flowers.


 Do not water your Roses;

Preserved Roses do not require watering and will retain their texture and beauty for a year plus if cared for properly. Watering the Roses will damage them immediately.


Do not take the Roses out of the box;

Roses are secured in their place and should not be taken out of their box.


Do not place anything on top of the Roses;

These are real roses and placing objects on top of them may damage them.

Do not place Roses under direct sunlight or humid places;

Exposure to direct sunlight or placing the Roses in humid places may shorten their life span.

Cleaning your Roses;

Use an air spray or a soft cloth to remove any debris or dust collected on the Roses over time.

Please keep in mind that even though these roses may last a year or more, we cannot guarantee individual results. These are real roses and slight wilting, discolouration and colour bleeding may occur at any time due to various environmental factors.


Enjoy your Roses