About Us


Toronto based Luxury Rose Boutique.

We offer beautiful Eternity Rose arrangements that last up to a year in Luxurious, hand-crafted boxes. Our Roses last a year with no need for watering or much care. They come in over 15 different colors!


What are Eternity Roses?

Eternity Roses are real, high quality roses that have been cut fresh and preserved through a dehydration process. They keep their texture and shape for a whole year!


Do the roses keep their natural scent?

No, the preservation process removed almost all of the rose's natural scent. However they do tend to keep a very faint rose scent for a short while. Although some other companies use perfumes to mimic the real rose scent, we do not! We try to keep our roses as natural as possible.


We offer hand deliveries within the Greater Toronto Area (excluding select areas) and we ship world-wide.